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With the intention of preserving the GPM identity, which is behind our success, we intended to breathe new life in our branding so that it may better reflect our evolution, and the direction we will pursue in the years to come.


Let’s restart the conversation; rediscover your GPM


What changes?


It’s important for us to highlight how relevant we can be in the lives of our members, and for our clients, as a value-added business partner. The new branding embodies the evolution of GPM, and brilliantly reflects our core mission, that emerged from our Client for Life philosophy.


It starts with the fact that from now on, Groupe Premier Médical will be known as GPM Group Benefits.


What’s in it for you?


Today, we are strengthening the pillars of our Guarantee of Excellence which promises our clients, members and partners a most attentive, prompt and efficient service that meets their needs.  After all, GPM is first and foremost a Service company.


GPM Mobile, a new solution!


Get a new perspective on group benefits, with our GPM Mobile App. Submitting claims, consulting benefits, making changes to your file, and using your member card has never been as easy!