Innovative Programs

A personalized experience

Through our programs, we constantly see to do more for our clients and their employees.  Whether because our business model or through our technologies, we are always on the lookout for opportunities to bonify the true value of our offer for organisations who choose to entrust us with their group benefits.

Tailored assistance program

The cost of your employees’ claims is clearly the most important factor to the overall cost of your group benefit plan. Controlling these costs begins with education, but it takes more than that. Entirely free and voluntary, the Tailored Assistance Program aims at helping participants lessen the value of their claims by providing them with valuable information and tools to assist them in choosing the most affordable services.

With the GPM Tailored Assistance Program, we take personalization one step further by assisting participants in making informed decisions based on their plan and the services they use, so that our clients, as well as their employees, can pay less in the future.