Support offered by Morneau Sheppel to its clients and their employees.

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In these unprecedented times, we know many of you are looking for ways to support your people as they are confronted with anxiety related to the impact of COVID-19 in their lives and communities. This is why several resources have been deployed, and are at your service:


For LifeWorks clients

  • The LifeWorks’ Core or Total Well-being web/mobile app, which can be used by your organization for organizational communications, in addition to the health and well-being communications that we provide.
  • Manager consultations to support leaders if they observe strain in their teams, or feel strain themselves.
  • On-going access to EAP and materials to communicate access to EAP
  • Crisis intervention for groups.


For all clients of Morneau Shepell’s including LifeWorks clients

  • Information that can be shared with your people, to support the management of anxiety, selfcare and support to children.
  • Ad hoc access to LifeWorks’ services.
  • Internet Based Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.
  • Attendance tracking (Canada and US).
  • Disability management services.


AbilitiCBT Morneau Shepell’s new program focused on anxiety related to a pandemic.

Morneau Shepell’s AbilitiCBT is cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) delivered by a therapist through an online platform accessible from home. Combining the convenience of online access with the same benefits of in-person CBT, our new AbilitiCBT program can provide meaningful support to people struggling with anxiety related to a pandemic. Anxiety is a general term for disorders that cause nervousness, fear, apprehension, and worrying. Morneau Shepell’s program can help your people:

  • Learn what anxiety is and how it affects one’s emotions, mind, body and behaviour
  • Reduce anxiety by learning CBT skills and using them to change responses to triggers
  • Develop coping strategies to track and reduce anxiety and better manage daily activities

Our program’s content is tailored to address anxiety symptoms related to the uniquely challenging aspects of pandemics: uncertainty, social isolation, caring for family and community members, information overload and stress management. Our therapists are trained to support and ask precise questions that guide people through the program’s modules in the context of a pandemic


Online services: To access Morneau Shepell’s EAP online services, such as eLearning and articles, simply log in to workhealthlife.