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Family at The Forefront

When a family member is suffering from a serious illness, their entourage is also profoundly affected. Family at the Forefront aims to offer personalized support to families of those with serious illnesses by giving them the opportunity to create and enjoy memorable family moments. The feeling of joyfulness is often lost when someone we love is in need, it is nevertheless essential to preserve mental wellbeing, this is particularly true for children. Although a child knows how important it is to take care of his sick mother, he may feel sad to see Christmas go unnoticed. And Mommy, who has always made Christmas feel so special, would love to see the glow in her child’s eyes, if only she could.

An unforgettable holiday, a big party or providing personalized support to facilitate quality time with the family, these are just a few examples of the memorable moments Family at the Forefront would like to provide in order to bring some warmth to everyone’s heart, and to strengthen family relationships – the ties through which we often find the courage and desire to live.